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"I hate him." You growled as you watched Karkat drool over Terezi, "no you don't. Your world revolves around him." Elisa said before taking a bite of her ice cream, you sighed before laying on your back. "Say it." She said with a mouth full of ice cream, "say what?" "Starts with an 'L' and ends with an 'E'." "No I don't.." You mumbled, Elisa just looked at you.  "I won't say it, I won't say I'm in love." You said getting up, "whatever you say, you can't deny what you're feeling; your face glows when he walks by, your eyes go wide, you stutter when he talks to him, and you smile like an idiot when he just looks at you, what do you call it?" Elisa asked getting up as well, "I'm having a stroke?" Elisa shook her head, "you love him, end of story." She pulled an apple out of her backpack and shoved it into your mouth, "take a bite." You took a bite "KARKAT COME OVER HERE!" Elisa yelled making you choke, Karkat came over while you were still choking. "Y/n wants to know if you would like to go out Saturday night." Elisa asked while you were coughing, "SURE WHY THE HELL NOT." "Good, go to Kankri's hive around 7, okay? Okay." "OKAY." Karkat then walked off, "ELISA I FUCKING HATE YOU!" You yelled getting your breath back, "no you don't, now shut up." Elisa said shoving the apple back in your mouth "chew it, we have to talk to Kanaya and Porrim about an outfit; while you're getting fixed up I'll talk to Nepeta and Meulin about what we should do and if they even ship you two...KEEP EATING THE FREAKING APPLE!" Elisa yelled as you just gawked at her.

~Saturday day

You stood there in your underwear, "so what were you thinking?" Porrim asked as Kanaya took measurments, "well I was thinking something simple, since this is their first date but something that pops and leaves a mark, you think you two could do it?" Elisa asked handing you another apple, "what's with the apples?" You asked as you took another bite, Porrim snickered "nothing, now Y/n step down, Kanaya and Porrim will take care of you while I go talk to Nepeta and Meulin...oh and make sure she's eating the apples." Elisa said before stepping out, "how does she go from being all giggly and carefree to business?" You asked as Sollux and Kankri followed her out the door, Porrim shrugged before helping you down and began dragging you around the house "time to pick out fabrics."

~Le time skip

"OH MAH GAWD KRI SHE/HE LOOKS SO WONDERFUL." Elisa said tears in here eyes, you blushed as Elisa took out her camera and began taking photos of you "you're acting like a lusus love." Kankri mumbled, Elisa just starred at him before going over to you. "It's almost 7, you nervous?" She asked you, "surprisingly no." Elisa smiled at you "good." knock knock. "HE'S HERE, KRI OPEN THE DOOR. Y/N GO IN THE KITCHEN!" Elisa ordered as Kanaya dragged you into the kitchen.  "Hello Karkitty, you look handsome tonight. Oh is that a new shirt?" Elisa asked, "YEAH, THANKS." "Karkitty lower your voice." "Yeah, okay." A shiver ran down your back, when his voice wasn't loud his voice was deep and husky and it made you nervous. "Y/n, come here." Elisa called, "remember..saunter." Kanaya whispered before walking out before you; "Karkat, you look splendid." Kanaya said nicely, you took a deep breathe and sauntered out.  As you stepped out, you watched as Karkat's eyes got wide "wow...Y/n you look amazing." You giggled "thanks, Kanaya and Porrim did everything I was just there." You said nervously, Karkat nodded as he just starred at you. "Karkat honey wipe your mouth, you're drooling." You giggled, as Karkat blushed before looking at you "ready to go?" Karakt asked holding at his hand, you nervously took his hand. "You kids have fun, but don't have sex. Karkat's thingie can't fit into a condom and we don't need no babies running around!" Elisa called as you and Karkat left the house, oh my god I hate her!

"So this is the place?" You asked as you two walked up to an out of the away resturant, "looks like it, want to go in?" He asked, you nodded feeling a blush crawl onto your face.  The inside of the building was kind of dark, each of the tables had three candles, it actually was really relaxing.  Karkat and you walked over to a corner table, "so why did you want to go out?" Karkat asked as you two waited for a waitor, "it wasn't really my idea, Elisa wanted us to." You said with a smile on your face, "oh.." Karkat looked down at the menu. Ugh you idiot why did you just say that?! "What would you two motherfuckers like to drink?" Gamzee asked holding a notepad, "um..water, and you?" Karkat asked, "any type of faygo will do GamGam." You giggled, he nodded making a little honking noise.  "This is a really nice place." You whispered looking around, "yeah sure is..." He mumbled the last part, "what was that?" You asked, "n-nothing."  You nodded as Gamzee came over with your drinks.

"Karkat my feet hurt." You whined as you two walked around town, "take your shoes off then." He said with hands in his pockets. "No, the ground is dirty...carry me." "What?" " Carry me, please?" You asked giving him the puppy dog eyes, "ugh okay." You clapped your hands as he lowered himself, "thanks Karkat." You giggled as you wrapped your legs around his waist, his hands grabbed your butt for a brief moment before moving down; your face was bright red, and you could feel his was aswell.  "Karkat...I feel flushed for you...." You mumbled into the back of his neck, slightly praying that he didn't hear you; he was quite so you thought he didn't respond.  "Since when?" He asked edging his close to your butt, "a couple months you feel flushed back?" You asked taking a deep breath, "I really never thought about it...I mean you're fucking cute, funny, beautiful, an-" "You think I'm beautiful?" You asked with a wide smile, "Yeah, I did." He set you down, turned around and looked at you. "I mean hang around Terezi but something about you keeps me coming back...I mean like not in obnixous way to that nook sucker Eridan," in the distance you hear a faint 'wweh',"but I like the idea of holding your hand more often...and I get jelous when Sollux puts an arm around you..." He whispered with his eyes closed.  "I'll take that as a yes." You whispered planting a kiss on his cheek, "I...Will.....FUCK IT WILL YOU MY FUCKING MATESPRITE?" Karkat yelled scaring you, you laughed "of course silly....will still carry me home?" "No you can walk, but in the morning I will have to carry you..." He whispered into your ear, making you shiver.
TheGoldenShadow this is for you c:
Everyone enjoy ^^
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erensmainhomie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student Writer
"I mean hang around Terezi but something about you keeps me coming back...I mean like not in obnoxious       way to that nook sucker Eridan," in the distance you hear a faint 'wweh'


i'm dead
Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL 
LuckRose Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
We had one rule.....

We broke it......
GrayWolf111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
In the distance you hear a faint 'wweh'.

I loved this part.
DarknessSorceress Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Amberpelt7 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 20, 2014  Student General Artist
In the distance you hear a faint "wweh", don't worry eridan, I'd be more than happy to be your friend ^w^

That ending.... KARKAT YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE.

.. Why can't I favorite this more than once?!
StarwynTheMage Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A faint "Wweh" 

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Amberpelt7 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student General Artist
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It's like, I'm so done with life now wwhy Eridan 
browmie Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
 in the distance you hear a faint 'wweh'
XD Oh gog eriidan.
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